Namco Pac-Man/Memory Map

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Address Range Size Device
$0000-$3FFF $4000 Program ROM space, fixed
$4000-$43FF $0400 Video RAM (Tilemap RAM)
$4400-$47FF $0400 Video RAM {Color RAM)
$4800-$4BFF $0400 Unused space
$4C00-$4FEF $03F0 Work RAM
$4FF0-$4FFF $0010 Sprite Attribute RAM
$5000-$50FF $0100 I/O, Sprite Position and Namco WSG Registers
$5100-$5FFF $0F00 Mirrors of $5000-$50FF (repeated 16 times)
$6000-$7FFF $2000 Mirrors of $4000-$5FFF
$8000-$FFFF $8000 Mirrors of $0000-$7FFF
I/O Range Size Device
$00 $100 Interrupt address register