Casio PV-1000/Controller port pinout

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The TJ-1 controllers used by Casio's PV-1000 and PV-2000 connect with a Mini-DIN-8.

Existing games expect the controllers to form a 4x4 button matrix, manually scanned by the software.

                  GPI2 (green, FDd0/2)
       GND ---8/-O O O-\6--- GPO52 (brown, FDq3)
(blue, FDq0)  /         \
   GPO55 ---5|-O   O   O-|3--- GPO53 (black, FDq2)
              \    |    /
      GPI1 ---2]-O | O-[1--- n/c
(white, FDd1/3) ---|---
                 GPO54 (grey, FDq1)

Colors are the colors of wires used in the OEM controllers, and as marked on the TJ-1 controller PCB.