Casio PV-1000

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Casio's PV-1000 console was Casio's first known attempt to enter the video game market. It launched opposite the Famicom and was pulled from the market very shortly afterwards.

The console includes a Z80, a 2KB SRAM, a custom gate array, a bunch of discrete logic, a 17.897727MHz crystal, and a bunch of analog tomfoolery.

The gate array was made by NEC, as part of their 3µ CMOS µPD65010 gate array service, containing 1368x2 each n-MOSFETs and p-MOSFETs. The full part number ("D65010G031") states this was NEC's 31st order in the 1mm-pitch 64-pin 20x14mm QFP form factor.

The normal memory map is:

$0000-$7FFF: reserved for cartridge
$8000-$BFFF: 8 mirrors of the 2KB internal RAM
$C000-$FFFF: open

The normal I/O map is:

$00-$F7: open
$F8-$FF: ASIC registers

We have the following notes about its hardware: